Top 10 Footballers Player Who Lost Their Lives On Field

Top 10 Footballers Player Who Lost Their Lives On Field


Where at one hand Soccer is considered one of the most watched games on the planet. While, in the other, it is among these dangerous sports in which the entire body is exposed to any kind of physical harms.  Top 10 Footballers Player Who Lost Their Lives On Field .Death is inevitable in many scenarios where the injuries are severe or acute exhaustion leading to cardiac arrests. Here is a listing of 10 footballers who tragically lost their lives while succumbing to the injuries they received in the field. These are high 10 footballers who died while player dies and keeps running.famous dead soccer players.

Top 10 Footballers Player Who Lost Their Lives On Field

 #10- Peter Biaksangzuala

Peter Biaksangzuala

Peter Biaksangzuala

He had been celebrating a target after he landed awkwardly on his throat while somersaulting and just collapsed in the specialty. He was rushed to the hospital and accepted t the ICU later. His offenders believed he would recover, but his spinal column injuries were beyond recovery. The league he had been playing for at that time decided to retire his top number 21. He was only 23 years old.famous dead soccer players.

#9 – Endurance Idahor

Endurance Idahor

soccer player dies and keeps running

Endurance Idahor was a Nigerian football player who was playing for a Sudanese club when he collapsed midfield and afterwards died on his way into the hospital. His autopsy report revealed that he suffered a circulatory collapse from a heart attack. He was 25 years old.

#8- Akli Fairuz

Akli Fairuz

soccer player dies and keeps running

The 27 year-old participant from Indonesia collided to the opposition goal keeper throughout the game and was admitted to the hospital. He died due to internal bleeding the next player dies and keeps running.

#7- Piermario Morosini

Piermario Morosini

football player who died while playing

On 14th April 2012 during a match in Italy, Morosini stumbled upon the ground and lost consciousness as he tried to get up. He received medical care on the area for a defibrillator was used on him. Morosini suffered a fatal cardiac arrest to the field and after he was taken to the hospital, the match was abandoned. Some players allegedly ‘left the field in tears’. Italian press reports were alerted of his death after an ‘explosion of shouts and tears’ by his teammates who had accompanied him to the hospital. He was 25 years player who died while playing .

#6- Marc Vivien Foe

Marc Vivien Foe

football player who died while playing

About 26 june 2003, Foe fell in the 72nd minute of the game. Although he was still living upon the introduction of the medical team in the arena, he dies shortly after. The medics spent 45 minutes attempting to restart his heart but all in vain. The first autopsy didn’t conclude the motive of his death however, the encon autopsy concluded that it was due to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a hereditary condition known to raise the risk of sudden death during physical exercise. His supervisor wanted to substitute him minutes before his heart collapse observing how exhausted he appeared but Foe signalled that he wished to continue. He was only 28.Top 10 Footballers Player Who Lost Their Lives On Field.

#5- Hrvoje Ćustić

Hrvoje Ćustić

soccer deaths on field

football player who died while playing Hervoje Custic was a Croatian footballer who played as a midfielder. He suffered severe head injuries after colliding with a concrete wall set about three meters in the sideline which separates the pitch by the stands. Following a surgery, he had been in an induced coma and his condition had been stable until 2nd April 2008 when a disease caused rapid growth in his own body temperature worsening his condition. The hospital confirmed that he was brain dead that same day.

#4- Antonio Puerta

Antonio Puerta

soccer deaths on field


On 26th August 2007, Puerta failed and lost consciousness in the penalty area because of a cardiac arrest. After regaining and being substituted, he managed to walk into the dressing room where he collapse again. He had been taken to the intensive care and obtained cardiopulmonary resuscitation. On August 28th, his physician reported that Puerta had suffered from multiple organ failure and irreversible brain damage because of multiple prolonged cardiac arrests due to a hereditary disease known as arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia. He was 22 years old and has been expecting his first child at the time of his death.

#3- Paulo Sérgio Oliveira da Silva

Paulo Sérgio Oliveira da Silva

Paulo Sérgio Oliveira da Silva

Paulo Sérgio Oliveira da Silva About 27th October 2004, Serginho suffered by a fatal cardiac arrest when he was 60 minutes to the match. It’s said his heart stopped at the spot still he was taken to the hospital. A later autopsy report revealed Serginho’s heart to weigh 600 grams, double the size of an average human heart. Top 10 Footballers Player Who Lost Their Lives On Field .

#2- Miklos Feher

Miklos Feher

 college football injuries

On 25th January 2004, during a match broadcasting live on tv, Feher suddenly bent forward, seemingly in pain and then thudded into the floor backwards. Members of both teams rushed to his help before the medical staff arrived and also a Cardiopulmonary resuscitation was conducted on the pitch until an ambulance rushed him into the hospital. Most of the players on the field started to cry while he was still on the pitch realizing something serious had occurred. The Portuguese media covered his condition throughout the afternoon and his passing was confirmed before midnight. The reason for being Cardiac arrhythmia brought on by hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. His team retired the number 29 shirt into his memory which he wore during his period. He was 24 years old.Top 10 Footballers Player Who Lost Their Lives On Field.

#1- Phil O’Donnell

Phil O’Donnell

Phil O’Donnell football player dies

Phil O’Donnell was a Scottish footballer and had twice won the Scottish PFA Young Player of the Year Award.Famous soccer players On 29th December 2007 throughout a game, just because he was going to be substituted, he collapsed. Phil O’Donnell was treated to the pitch for five minutes and taken to the hospital. He was pronounced dead later that day. A postmortem examination was completed on January 1st 2008 and it was disclosed that he died of a left ventricular failure. He was survived by his wife and their daughters Megan and Olivia and sons Christopher and Luc. Phil O’Donnell was 35 decades of age. football player dies . 

Top 10 Footballers Player Who Lost Their Lives On Field

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